Rephuset ordnar workshop med Saara Rei i Göteborg

Den 23 mars är Rephuset i Göteborg och arrangerar en heldagsworkshop med Saara Rei på temat: Movement, sound and rope. Så här skriver Saara om hur ljud och rörelse kan spela roll för ens reputövande:

Movement, sound and rope

Our movement and emotional state can be deeply affected by sound. I am sure many have experienced music that makes them feel, dance, and act in certain ways depending on the rhythm, tempo, lyrics, tone, and pitch.

As well, sound and music can affect how we interact with each other. How we move, feel, and react to each other when there are different sounds around. Not just from music, but from our own bodies as well. Laughter, humming, screaming, sighing, breathing, and any kind of vocalization made can affect the atmosphere, movements, and reactions from all those present.

If we think of Japanese-inspired rope bondage as we way to interact and move with another person, a way of dancing with them, then we can also look at how sound can affect our way of tying and being tied. How does music affect a session? How does it affect our movements and emotional state? And how do the sounds we make affect the reactions of the person we are tying with? In this workshop, these are the questions we will be looking at.

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